The English Garden

On Form 2020

Although visitors won’t be able to visit the sculpture in Asthall Manor’s gardens as usual this year, Anna’s beautifully curated exhibition is still available to view, virtually, at , where she aims to have photographs and videos of all the work that would have been on display, for all

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The English Garden1 min de lecture
Success With Spruce
Avoid planting spruce in spots that might be vulnerable to late frosts or cold winds, which can scorch their new spring growth. “The damage isn’t the end of the world though, since you can trim it off and that will ultimately make the plants more com
The English Garden4 min de lecture
Shelf Life
The first botanical books to be printed on paper were those writings on the medicinal uses of plants known as ‘herbals’. They didn’t contain anything very innovative for the time – rather, they were inky presentations of ideas put forth as far back a
The English Garden5 min de lecture
White Magic
The approach to Beckley Park is a three-quarter-mile rough track flanked with staddle stones and parkland trees. It’s barely negotiable in midwinter, but the destination is worth the ride. With snow outlining hedges and topiary, the silence is absolu