The English Garden


Chelsea is the launch pad for so many of the new plants and products we use in our gardens. In the absence of a physical show this year, we present a joyful celebration of this remarkable event and its colourful history. There may not be show gardens to set the trends this year, but Chelsea’s exhibitors offer a tempting feast for anyone seeking the latest tools and accessories. Find all the products and plants that would have been on display had it gone ahead as usual. Just like the show itself, there is something for every gardening taste

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Garden, landscape and social history researcher.; @AdvollyR Plants have driven the evolution of gardens for centuries and the influx of exotic specimens has led to the creation of dedicated spaces to display them while meeting their spe
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Before we start I feel that I should come clean: I love Rousham, it is about ten minutes from my house and I try to visit a few times every year. I acknowledge its imperfections (sometimes I wish that I could take a chainsaw on my walks around the ga