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oi Murugavell’s abstract artworks are thought-provoking, energetic and filled with colour. They invite the viewer to pause and ponder, to reflect and immerse themselves in a magical narrative about life and its many

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Home Design3 min de lecture
Emily Macalpine
“The way we design our homes can affect how we live and feel without us knowing it,” says Emily MacAlpine, an interior designer who works mostly on older homes to update their functionality and retain their charm. “I believe when something is designe
Home Design2 min de lecture
Alice Bell
Alice says creative flair runs in her mother’s family, but it wasn’t until she became a mum herself, raising three small daughters, that she decided to tap into her artistic side. She enrolled in a beginner’s pottery course at a studio called The Tin
Home Design1 min de lecture
Raise The Curtain!
Whether you’re a sucker for sheer curtains or you prefer the privacy of plantations, DC+B is where you need to be. Generations of Australians have shaded their homes, hid behind, or contemplated the delicate folds of window coverings from DC+B. They