Tradition With a Modern Twist

about a third of the year in hotels, traveling extensively for business and pleasure. Aside from my preference for two firm pillows, a real human being

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“I CAN TAKE YOU TO YOUR PEOPLE.” The phrase was uttered by the elder who had taken my hand shortly after I arrived in a small Ghanaian village in 1997. And though the words were simple, they pointed to a diffcult fact: Black people displaced from the
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Anew Global Citizen
I guess if I had to put a label to it, I’d call myself a Global Citizen; you know, if push came to shove. Or si la poussée vient à pousser. See? I just dropped some French, and yet I’m primarily writing in English. How Global Citizen of me! IF I WAS
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IN JACKSON HEIGHTS, New York—the neighborhood I call home, and one of the pandemic’s first epicenters—our early spring days were dark with trauma. Ambulances wailed outside my windows, the news was awash with scenes from overwhelmed Elmhurst Hospital