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common trope in fairy and folk tales is magical protection. This can take the form of an enchanted object, such as a hero’s shield, or it can take the form of a space or place, like the mythical Isle

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Former intelligence officer Anthony Tucker-Jones is a military historian whose works include Operation Dragoon: The Invasion Of Southern France 1944 and Kursk 1943: Hitler’s Bitter Harvest. He’s currently working on his next book, Churchill Master An
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The Many Ways Of The Sword
This sword-fighting style placed great emphasis on awareness and speed. Its most famous move, seen often in modern depictions of samurai, is the quick drawing and cutting action with a katana. This school of swordsmanship was all about getting an in
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Churchill Wins General Election
What was the immediate backdrop and run-up to the election? The July 1945 election was the result of an agreement between the ruling coalition that once victory had been achieved in Europe, a general election would be called. Winston Churchill wante