New York City is a true “melting pot”—of people, cultures, and of course, food. Within one square mile, you can enjoy French breads with African fufu, Irish stews, Italian pies, Caribbean roti, or Cambodian fish amok. The city that never sleeps always has something tasty to eat. The first Dutch settlers in the 1600s helped build the city’s four culinary cornerstones—bread, sugar, meat, and ale.

In just a few years, a tiny settlement of

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Caring For Wounded Winged Friends
NEW DELHI, India’s sprawling capital, abounds with birds. Pigeons and doves coo and flutter around rooftops. Black kites shriek as they soar across the sky. Crows and parakeets jostle for scraps. Strutting peacocks and sunbathing hoopoes also call th
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Bird Sculptures
Making a bird sculpture can be a great way to learn more about them. To create the right shapes, textures, and colors, you must observe them more closely. You can use pictures and videos to help with the research or grab a pair of binoculars and obse
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BIRD OF FIRE Looking for the Phoenix
One of the most memorable creatures in the Harry Potter books is Fawkes, the bird who lives in Professor Dumbledore’s office. One day Fawkes goes up in flames, much to Harry’s consternation, only to be reborn as a chick out of the ashes. One of Fawke