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WHEN YOU CHANGE the channel after getting the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic from your preferred news network, you may notice that regular programming is looking, well, rather irregular. Sports, talk shows and scripted and unscripted series are all experiencing cancellations, postponements and production shutdowns lasting at least a few weeks, possibly longer. Here’s how TV will look in the near and distant future.

No more Leroy Jethro

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New Movie Releases
A talented young attorney (Keanu Reeves) accepts a job working for a high-powered New York lawyer (Al Pacino)… who’s actually Satan! An FBI agent (Johnny Depp) goes undercover to infiltrate a Mafia family in the 1970s. Sing along to “Matchmaker, Matc
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Get Your Remotes Ready!
CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS ARE about to ramp up. TV series are finally filming again in New York and Los Angeles as the networks are busy making plans for the upcoming fall season and beyond. TAKE A BOW Dancing With the Stars is getting a makeover! Supermod
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@damianholbrook for presenting a united parental front. Even though ABC’s latest comedy is a classic case of “big lug hubby and hot wife,” it’s refreshing to see a frazzled married couple—likably played by Will Sasso and Christina Vidal Mitchell (lef