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The circuit

Interval 1


tand in front of a step (or stairs) with your feet flat on the floor (A). Step up with your right foot (B), then step your left foot up to meet it (C). Pause here, then step back down, first with your right foot, followed

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see page 82 PER SERVE 605kJ, protein 4g, total fat 2g (sat. fat 0g), carbs 25g, fibre 4g, sodium 37mg • Carb exchanges 1½• GI estimate low• Gluten free The cinnamon note lifts the flavours in this easy-to-make treat. see recipe, page 74 PER SERVE 791
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Dinner On A DOLLAR
How our food works for you see page 82 NUTRITION INFO PER SERVE 1230kJ, protein 39g, total fat 10g (sat. fat 2g), carbs 9g, fibre 8g, sodium 590mg • Carb exchanges ½ • GI estimate low • Gluten-free option • Lower carb PREP TIME: 10 MINS COOK TIME: 15
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I See Each Day As A New Opportunity To Get Things Right
“Maybe it’s because I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 29 years ago, just after I’d turned 12, but I’ve always tried to think of living with it as playing the long game, rather than being about success or failure on any given day. “I’ve always beli