Your Dossier on attachment style (March) touched

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Test What Do You Need To Take The Leap?
♥ Keep it to yourself, but wish you could talk about it ◆ Run through all the reasons it can’t happen • Tell yourself you’ll do it one day when you have time ■ Tell yourself to feel grateful for what you’ve got ♥ Knowing where to start • Focusing on
Psychologies3 min de lecture
What Will Free Your Inner Entrepreneur?
If seeds don’t land in the right environment, they may start to grow but fail to flourish. The same could be happening with your fledgling ideas and dreams. You may feel frustrated that your plans never go anywhere and question whether you have what
Psychologies1 min de lecture
What To Do When You Are Restless
Meditation is an effective way to sit with restlessness and bring peace of mind: ‘Mindfulness is an essential practice to still our minds and become comfortable with just being, rather than always doing (and striving),’ says Burke. Look for simple w