Cosmopolitan India

Why Do We Hate Feisty Women?

assy girls are hilarious, right? Something about these sweet youngins acting like jaded, cheeky mini-adults makes for incredible entertainment. See: Darby Camp as a precocious elementary schooler on , calling her mother “woman” and controlling the family aux cord. Or Millie Bobby Brown getting the bullies. Or Abigail Breslin’s pageant gal defiantly dancing to in (#TBT). It’s like seeing a Chihuahua dressed as a lion for Halloween. That li’l nugget isn’t supposed to be all ferocious-like! How adorable. Even the ones bordering on teendom—say, Chloë Grace Moretz’s vigilante Hit-Girl in or Taylor Momsen’s wide-eyed-then-scheming Jenny Humphrey on —delight audiences with their attitude. That is…until they start to grow up.

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