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my dream life!”

“I am a coffee addict,” Kiara Advani reveals, in a conspiratorial voice. And then, with a laugh, “I absolutely love my black coffee!”

It is 8:10pm, and Kiara has just entered the studio where the Cosmo covershoot will take place. It’s an uncommon time for a covershoot, but this one is an exception. Because, over the last few weeks, Kiara has been in the throes of a frenzied promotion schedule for her new Karan Johar-backed Netflix film, Guilty.

We meet her at the end of a 12-hour day that began at 7am, and I almost feel guilty telling her about the several hours of make-up, hairstyling, photographing, and interviewing that will follow…and certainly go on until after midnight.

But if Kiara is tired or irritable, she doesn’t show it. She is markedly cheerful while discussing outfits with the Cosmo team (and gracefully agrees, not a sulk in sight, when we coax her to try on yet another dress that we know will ‘look fab on her’ [it does]).

“For me, it was

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