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Country Mouse
TREES are good things and they have stepped into Man’s laser focus as saviours of climate change, but they are much more than merely sinks for carbon dioxide. Trees are beautiful, stately and this is the time to look at them as they burst into leaf w
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Luxury under £20 SOS Flower Essence Blend
Weddings can be overwhelming and not only for the bride. Every member of the wedding party should have a bottle of this squirrelled away for moments of panic. A couple of drops under the tongue takes away the angst and replaces it with calm clarity.
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How Do You Lichen Me Now?
GO for a walk along a country lane or city high street—it matters not which—and you will see lichen. From below the high tide of a rocky shore to the tops of high mountains, from just south of the North Pole to just north of the South Pole, lichens a