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A DAY IN the life of your MENOPAUSE

omen can experience up to seven major symptoms* when going through the menopause, from hot flushes through to vaginal dryness. The emotional and physical affects of these will often be felt throughout the whole day. HRT is the first-line treatment, but if you don’t want to take it – or can’t for medical reasons – there are other things you can do to help you feel on form. Here are the positive tweaks to optimise nutrition, exercise, sleep and wellbeing that you can make to your daily

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Make-up shouldn’t be used past its expiration date as formulas go off, bacteria accumulates and allergic reactions can happen when you use an expired product. If you’re wondering how long products can be used for, look on the label for a pot symbol w
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Drinks With Benefits
Actiph Alkaline Water, 600ml, £1.39, Sainsbury’s The UK’s first ionised alkaline water. Confused? This type of water hydrates the body more quickly than regular water, due to higher doses of minerals such as sodium, potassium and calcium, to help boo
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Help, I Can’t Stop SNACKING!
Are you often reaching for the crisps an hour after dinner, or munching mindlessly through a packet of biscuits at your desk? It’s a scenario shared by many. According to a recent survey*, a whopping 60% of us regularly skip meals and snack instead.