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If you only do one thing

As you age, adding weight training to your exercise plan will boost bone and muscle strength, improve posture and increase metabolism. And there’s no need for a gym

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Woman & Home Feel Good You1 min de lecture
Signs That You’re Not Selfish Enough
✢ You struggle to say no ✢ You feel guilty when asked what you need ✢ You worry that when you disagree with someone their feelings will be hurt ✢ You’d rather everyone else is happy, even if you’re unhappy ✢ You find it difficult to express anger and
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Pick And Mix Menu
✢ Continental breakfast: 25g slice Emmental cheese, 50g wafer thin chicken, large tomato, slice of wholemeal toast spread with 1tsp light olive spread. ✢ Chop a large portobello mushroom and microwave for 1-2 mins in a covered bowl until soft (no oil
Woman & Home Feel Good You1 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
Stealth Salt
One standard sized crumpet can have the same amount of salt – 0.81g – as two portions of fast-food fries. Two rashers of bacon can provide as much as 2.84g salt – that’s more salt than eight bags of ready salted crisps. Shop-bought bottles of this co