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‘I love being surrounded by plants, and my desk looks a bit like the potting table in a greenhouse. Working around nature keeps

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Time Magazine International Edition22 min de lectureIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
Pinterest Paid Its Most Senior Woman $22.5M For Gender Discrimination. There’s A Lot More To The Story
THE DAY FRANÇOISE BROUGHER WAS FIRED FROM Pinterest began like so many of her workdays. It was April 2, 2020, and the company’s chief operating officer—with her rescue dog Dogbert nearby—was a few weeks into the pandemic and remote work, managing her
Time Magazine International Edition5 min de lectureDiscrimination & Race Relations
My Adoption Didn’t Make Me Less Korean
FOR THE PAST YEAR, AND ESPECIALLY SINCE THE devastating Atlanta-area murders on March 16, many of my Asian American friends have been sharing deeply personal, painful stories of talking with their parents and elders, pleading with them to take care,
Time Magazine International Edition1 min de lecture
Far From Home
Two 7-year-old migrant children, who arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border without their parents, wait at a makeshift processing site in Roma, Texas, on March 27. They are among the thousands of unaccompanied minors who have presented themselves to offic