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“MAMA, I PICKED THIS for you!” Three-year-old Elizabeth held out a tiny bouquet of weeds from our yard. Soon every neighborhood

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Angels on Earth magazine4 min de lecture
Valentine Angels
What am I doing? I asked myself as I sat in front of my laptop looking at a stranger’s profile—on a dating site of all things. My husband and I had divorced after a long marriage; we had grown children; and I hadn’t dated since I was a teenager. It w
Angels on Earth magazine1 min de lectureScience & Mathematics
Angel Sightings
OUR GALAXY HOLDS so much mystery and beauty—and so many miracles. I was reminded of that after seeing NASA’s release of this photo of the Butterfly Nebula, or NGC 6302, as it’s cataloged. When I look at this picture I see God’s hand at work in the co
Angels on Earth magazine5 min de lecture
Built by Angels
SUNDAY NIGHT, I was thinking about making dinner when the phone rang. “Turn on CBS,” a voice said. “What?” Click. The caller hung up. No, it wasn’t code or a message from heaven. It was just my mom. She sometimes made calls like that when she was wat