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Last issue, we talked about why many people, myself included, have a love/hate relationship with comp titles. But, because I knew they’re important—and required—I needed to find a way to make looking for them more enjoyable as I worked on book pitches. So, I started to think of my search for the perfect comp titles as a scavenger hunt. I put myself in the shoes of the book’s perfect reader and asked, what are they reading and what do they want to read but can’t find? From there, it became a black hole of internet searches.

As an example, my most recent searches for comp titles were for Writer’s Digest Books that I was going to pitch to

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Poetic Asides
The viator is a form invented by poet Robin Skelton, author of The Shapes of Our Singing. Here are the basic rules: • The first line is a refrain.• The refrain appears as the second line of the second stanza, third line of the third stanza, and so on
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Identifying Your Book’s Target Audience
For about two years before I became an editor, I was an English composition instructor for first-year college students. (I was not good at it.) During that time, one of the most important things I tried to drive home to the students was: Know your au
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I Had My Daughter in Midlife and She Became My Writing Muse
My husband jokes with me that my midlife crisis was having my now 11-year-old daughter in my 40s. I started my career in publishing as Associate Beauty Editor at Woman’s World magazine in the late ’90s. Then I was a magazine editor-in-chief for five