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Chester Jones established his studio in 1990. Now joined by sons Ben and Toby, the practice is known for creating eclectic interiors

THIS QUEEN ANNE HOUSE in Hampstead is Grade

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The Sourcebook: Stockists To Consider
Quality garden furniture that celebrates the best in British manufacturing fits the brief for stylish seating. A world away from mass-produced, plastic-coated plant supports, these traditional styles are mostly handmade, always in Bri
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Bathroom News
Resistant like stone and transparent like glass, Cristalmood is a new coloured resin used here to create the striking Reflex Grand Cru bath, £9,408, from Bathroom Design Studio London. Composed of polyester resin mixed with coloured pigments, the mat
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The Sourcebook: Garden Room Specialists
These award-winning orangeries and garden rooms are all made bespoke in the UK. You can even visit the factory in Somerset and see how they manufacture the timber products first For over 30 years the brand has been offering a