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hile South Africa is now officially in its sixth week of lockdown, it’s been nearly six months since the coronavirus that has swept across the globe first made headlines. As the world confronts the reality of this virus, a parlance has emerged

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From The Editor
in mid-July I needed to take a Covid-19 test as part of pre-admission screening fora routine outpatient procedure. While the test itself was about as bizarre and uncomfortable as I had read it would be, seeing the workings of the testing station and
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Quiz & Crossword
1. True or False? South Africa’s foreign direct investment inflows fell to R29bn in the first quarter of 2020. 2. Fill in the missing city: __________is colloquially known as South Africa’s most windy city. 3. True or False? The National Command Coun
Finweek - English2 min de lecture
Maybe Too Cheap?
with its share price slumping by almost 40% over the past three years, Dis-Chem Pharmacies must now contend with a Competition Commission fine too. The anti-trust authority fined the group R1.2m for charging excessive prices for surgical masks as it