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esearchers in Thailand tested a collagen supplement in postmenopausal women to

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Better Nutrition3 min de lecture
The DNA Diet
I recently had my DNA analyzed by a company called GenoPalate.• By studying a person’s genes, they can tell which foods, and particularly which specific nutrients, you need more or less of. “You probably know your genes are those little things that c
Better Nutrition3 min de lecture
The Tinnitus-TMJ Connection
QI have developed an annoying ringing in my ears. I have seen a few doctors without success. The gist of the advice I’ve been given so far is, “Learn to live with it.” Is there really nothing else I can do? Tinnitus is any sound that someone perceive
Better Nutrition4 min de lecture
How to Eat Your Vitamins
Mascha Davis grew up eating nutrientdense “and really delicious” Russian and Ukrainian dishes that her mom cooked—“a lot of traditional foods like borscht and a lot of the different Russian salads with lots of veggies.” Now, the registered dietitian