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Genus subject of this week’s ! (7) British nobleman next in rank above a viscount, as in the dahlia varieties ‘____ Marc’ and ‘____ Haig’ (4) Court, as in the dahlia variety ‘Wicky ___’! (3) Elbow PM, in order to type fast! (1,1,1) Dutch ____ disease was prevalent in the 1970s and ’80s (3) Which person, as in the dahlia variety ‘___Dun It’ (3) Black is a common disease of roses! (4)

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My Mini Greenhouse
Write to us: Letters, Amateur Gardening magazine, Pinehurst 2, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hants GU14 7BF (please include your address). Email us: EVERY year I use my mini greenhouse without
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Editor’s Note
“Last week, I said now is the time for making decisions: what to change, what to keep, what to grow again. But many of us are not the lone decision maker – we have husbands, wives and partners who share the garden, and we may not always agree on what
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Plant Starter Kits
SEED sowing is the basic starting point that gets most people into gardening. That satisfying moment when you realise the seeds have germinated and the tiny shoots are showing through the compost is highly addictive. So, it’s important that whichever