The Germinator

has one goal: to wipe out hospital-acquired infections, which claim some 100,000 American lives annually. The company’s $125,000 LightStrike “germ-zapping robot” uses UV technology developed by

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A Storied Year
My oldest relatives were great storytellers, perhaps because they were born pre-internet, pre-TV, even pre-radio. My great-grandmother Marie was one of them. She used to tell me how she and some other turn-of-the-last-century tweens caused a commotio
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The Invisible Woman
When the invisible woman is born and placed into her mother’s warm embrace, she doesn’t know she is invisible. At that moment, her invisibility exists only as a lingering fear in the back of her mother’s mind. Yet her mother has hopes that things wil
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Big Bet Pays Off For Science-Based Beauty Company
There’s no such thing as a sure thing, not in business and not in life. Even professional gamblers flinch at the prospect of going all-in, but Sidney Paramadilok did just that four years ago, rolling the dice and investing everything into R&D. His ga