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3 Ways To... Help Dry Eyes
‘The effect of central heating can be mitigated by their use,’ says GP Dr Hilary Jones, ambassador for health and hygiene specialists, The Body Doctor. Looking at a computer reduces your eye’s blink rate by 66%. So, each blink is less efficient in ke
Woman's Weekly1 min de lecture
Lovely Leaves
SWISS CHARD With dazzling stems and bright green leaves, it’s as good as it tastes! Just scatter the seed thinly into shallow drills, cover with soil and water during dry spells. ‘Rainbow’, ‘Celebration’, and ‘Bright Lights’ are great choices. KALE
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‘My Animals Keep ME SANE!’
When we catch up with Paul O’Grady, he’s not having the best of days. He’s just hit his forehead on a cupboard, resulting in a lump the size of an egg, and his pet pig Rosie Holly has sadly passed away. ‘There’s an unmade bed behind me with a couple