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THE much-needed rain last week has brought London into the full and brilliant verdancy of early summer. Views

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Country Life1 min de lectureMedical
Miss Katie Hornyold-Strickland
Katie is an emergency medical technician for the East of England Ambulance Service and the daughter of John and Janey Hornyold-Strickland of Kendal, Cumbria. Her grandmother, Angela Engleheart, appeared on the Frontispiece in 1949. ■
Country Life1 min de lecture
In The Spotlight
Whiskery and playful, with an intelligent expression, there's something simultaneously cat-like and dog-like in the lissom otter-yet Lutra lutra is actually a larger-framed relative of weasels and martens, with a long body, powerful tail and webbed f
Country Life3 min de lectureArchitecture
Down With Groundcover
I VISIT a lot of National Trust gardens, the sort that are run on a shoestring by dedicated, but underpaid and underappreciated horticulturists struggling to remain on speaking terms with a property manager who doesn’t know a daisy from a dandelion.