ARCHAEOLOGY7 min de lecture
Idol Of The Painted Temple
AFTER DEFEATING THE FORCES of Atahualpa, the last Inca emperor, in 1533, Francisco Pizarro dispatched his brother Hernando to a vast religious center on Peru’s central coast called Pachacamac. Just south of modern-day Lima, Pachacamac spanned nearly
ARCHAEOLOGY8 min de lectureFashion & Beauty
From Head to Toe in the Ancient Maya World
HOW PEOPLE DRESS and adorn themselves has long been a primary way of showcasing their identity and communicating it to others. The ancient Maya, whose world was one of vivid cultural practices and strict hierarchy, with rulers playing an essential ro
ARCHAEOLOGY4 min de lecture
Dispatches from The Aia As this issue of “Dispatches from the AIA” was being put together, the majority of the world was in some level of lockdown in response to a global pandemic. We hope that by the time you read this, we will all be emerging from these