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Gardens play an important role in creating a sense of wellbeing in our homes. But they shouldn’t just be visually appealing — they should also be functional spaces that invite you outside to explore, play, relax and engage with nature at its finest.

While the materials you need to sculpt the ground at your feet might not seem all that important, it’s literally the foundation on which you’re building the perfect outdoor space. This makes it worthwhile to think about your options and what you’d like to achieve.

Renowned landscaper Phillip Withers takes his design cues from nature and travelling to local environments to find inspiration on what works well in our landscapes. He suggests starting your planning by “spending some time at a site, feeling it and understanding it with regards to the soil, the plants that grow there and the materials that make up the area”.

Ask yourself: who will be using the space and why? Do you need a stylish yet low-maintenance space for regular entertaining? Easy-to-clean paving options and “always on” plants might be the way to go. Will children and/or pets be romping around the backyard? A spacious lawn and softer, resilient plants and surface materials are better than sharp edges or slick tiles.

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