Artists Paint A Portrait Of A Pandemic

The United Nations and Amplifier, an arts group, called on artists to create inspiring and informative posters, graphics and animations around the coronavirus. Here's a selection of submissions.
Right: "Mask Up," a submission to Amplifier, an arts group. Left: "Grandmother's Affection — For Global Health," a submission to the United Nations. Source: Lisa Vollrath; Nubefy Design for All

It's an image of a nurse with her hands pressed together in prayer. In bold letters below her hands, it says "bless the healers."

The illustration, designed by the artist Marvin Madariaga, has been shared across social media. Some people have posted it in the window of their home. And it's been projected on the side of a building in the heart of New York City.

In health crises, people have long turned to

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