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The English Garden2 min de lectureArchitecture
Nurseries For New Year Inspiration
Specialising in more mature and specimen plants, from Hostas to Hamamelis, Tendercare’s 12 acres are a joy to visit for anyone with a garden in the making. Our site visit and warrantied planting service is very popular to help rejuvenate a tired gard
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Eyes To The Front
Why do so many English houses, from Victorian villas to Betjemanesque suburban dwellings and post-war council estates, have front gardens? The answer is not difficult: they were designed to protect privacy, enhance dignity, provide a sense of spaciou
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Don’t Forget
• Finish pruning bush roses, before their new shoots put on too much growth. Most can be cut back by half. • Divide snowdrops once their flowers have faded to increase existing clumps. • Browse catalogues for summer-flowering bulbs and tubers such as