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‘Save Your Money: Hire A Hitman!’
All divorces have their challenges. So it was hardly surprising when Christine Metter sent a Facebook message to an old school friend complaining about her ex. She and David Metter had separated in January 2009. Things had seemed amicable at first. A
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Welcome To This Week’s Chat...
The past year has been tough for everyone, so it’s wonderful to hear that some folks had happy endings. Like Bethany. When the pandemic hit she was single, but now she’s engaged with a baby – and it all started on the high seas (p19). Olivia also had
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Strangers On A Ship
Bethany Suthers, 28, Sowerby Bridge Waving the passengers off, I looked around the deserted cruise ship. Now what? I thought. It was March 2020, and I’d flown to Montego Bay, Jamaica, just two weeks earlier, to work as cruiseship entertainer. I was e