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Airgun Shooter
Group Editor, Airgun Brands Mat Manning Editor-in-Chief Mike Morton Art Editor Steve Mumby Designer Rebekka Hearl Production Editor Elizabeth Wood Group Art Director Dean Usher Phil Barker, Thomas Bristow, Phil Hooper, Andy
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Fine Work For Field Target
Since the early 2000s when Field Target and Hunter Field Target became increasingly popular in Europe, manufacturers of precision 10m match air rifles started to produce 12 ft-lb rifles in order for shooters to compete in these disciplines. Prior to
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The Barn Door
“So, have you got everything?” “Yes.” “Are you sure? All your books? PE kit? Hand gel, face mask, water bottle?” “Yep, yep, yep-yep-yep.” “Okay, you’re all set. Off you go then. Have fun!” “I will. Bye!” I close the front door and listen to the soft