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Moving Towards The Light
THE start of February is invariably cold, misty and damp, expressed so succinctly by that splendidly onomatopoeic Scots word ‘dreich’. A dreich situation is one that has become dreary, monotonous, drawn-out and boring, which perfectly describes a win
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Elysian Moments
From vast moors cloaked in purple to burnished hues heralding autumn hunting and skeletal silhouettes framing favoured drives on final days, as the landscapes that set our sporting scenes shift with the seasons, quarry and kit does, too. Settling on
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Country Queries
Q I am hoping you can help me to find someone who might be able to recover a large lampshade in parchment, around 66cm in diameter, and four small wall light shades that have been damaged over the years. SW, Shropshire A For a repair or recovering se