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Rare bee is half-male and half-female

In an un-bee-lievable discovery, scientists identified a bee that’s male on its left side and female on its right. The condition

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How It Works1 min de lectureBiology
Inside A Volvox Colony
Volvox are free-floating algae that live in freshwater systems. As single cells, volvox are equipped with two long, tail-like filaments called flagellum which allow them to swim. These individual cells group together to create volvox colonies and for
How It Works2 min de lecture
A New Dinosaur
It was recently revealed that four dinosaur bones, found last year on the Isle of Wight, England, are those of an entirely new dinosaur species. Since October 2019 these bones have been held at the University of Southampton, where palaeontologists ha
How It Works1 min de lectureNature
From Bones To Stone
The location of the animal’s death holds great significance when it comes to fossil potential. Most dinosaur bones discovered are from those who died in a watery environment. While the soft tissue of the dinosaur could be eaten by scavengers, an unmo