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McCall's Quilting1 min de lecture
Ramona Explains...
My inspiration comes from almost anything—architecture, DIY and salvaged object art, even fabric with a unique print. I always keep paper and pencils on hand for sketching out the rush of ideas. It makes deciding which ones will work best in a specif
McCall's Quilting1 min de lectureFashion
Options for Finishing
• To create a pillow cover, arrange the muslin appliqué on a background. Quilting with batting is optional but will add wonderful dimension. Sew a second piece of fabric to the appliquéd front, turn right sides out, and stuff the cover with a pillow
McCall's Quilting1 min de lectureFashion
Natalie Says:
When I design an appliqué quilt, my goal is to make it achievable and approachable for all skill levels. I start with raw-edge appliqué for comfort, knowing that lovers of turn-under appliqué will opt to take that approach on their own. My quilt desi