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EDWARD ALDRICH was barely out of kindergarten when he first heeded nature’s irresistible call. “My mom, who passed away last year, vividly remembered me going down to a little stream running in the back of our acreage where we lived in Westchester County, about an hour north of New York City,” he says, his voice softening at the briefest mention of the woman who “was always my greatest support.” Sketchbook and crayon in hand, young Ned focused on a wild trillium plant he found near the stream, replicating in detail its flowers and leaves. “She said that she’d never seen anything like such an inclination to observe and draw. That’s all she knew of me from then on. There were always crayon drawings taped or tacked to the walls of my room.”

Those first signs foretold a future that would see Nancy Aldrich’s son grow up

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