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Landscapes OF THE Heart

WHETHER THEY are large-format oils or small-scale pastels, paintings by Marshall Noice possess an uncanny power to draw the viewer into a dreamlike state. Often representing densely packed groves of aspens, pines, and other trees, these artworks are full of mesmerizing fields of color with indistinct edges—brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows; tranquil blues and greens—that seem to vibrate hypnotically before the eyes. Slender trunks all but sway across the canvas. Synesthesia may even set in, letting us hear the rustle of leaves or the creaking of branches.

Such sensory saturation proves that Noice has achieved his goal of creating artworks that “resonate with a sense of place.” Ironically, in pursuit of that goal, few of his works actually strive to be faithful representations of the places that first inspired them. “Even though I’ll go out and do pastel sketches on location,” he says, “at the end of the day, a painting certainly doesn’t have to look like the scene

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