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Listening to the Animals

A MAMMOTH bison lumbers across the landscape as ominous gray clouds gather behind him. Swirling lines throughout the composition seem to imply that a strong, gusty wind is kicking up. The moody scene suggests a reckoning of sorts between two powerful forces in nature: a building thunderstorm on one side, and a mighty animal on the other. This evocative painting by Amy Lay, titled REBEL, was on view in early March at the annual NatureWorks Art Show and Sale in Tulsa, OK.

For Lay, the painting and its title hold special meaning, offering an appropriate metaphor for how she sees challenges in her life and art. “The title for REBEL came quickly to me,” she says. “Being in this world requires a bit of a rebellious attitude, even if you are part of a herd, too. I always liked the idea of being a fighter, being a force against the storms.”

Lay also associates REBEL with the road

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