Southwest Art

Journey OF A Lifetime

TEXAS ARTIST Jeri Salter can often be found traveling down long, deserted roads, considering the scenery around her, photographing vignettes that spark her imagination, and, every once in a while, parking her car on the shoulder and sketching. Salter makes these outings alone, accompanied only by her thoughts, her creative drive, and the need to explore and record the color, light, texture, and sheer presence of the vast Texas landscape. Recording and interpreting her surroundings in two dimensions is a way of marking her journey, both literal and figurative.

“Through every stage of my life, art has always been there for me,” says the artist. “For whatever reason, each stage has had very distinctive qualities—almost like different lives.” At various points, Salter has wielded crayons, pencils, brushes, and pastels. She may not have always recognized that she was an artist, but

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