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Hillbilly Forge Tools

harp out of the box is every tool lover’s preference and these handcrafted spoon and whittling tools from Hillbilly Forge don’t disappoint. Opening the kit, the urge to

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Australian Wood Review2 min de lecture
Editor’s Letter
What a difference a month, not to mention a week, let alone a day can make in these virus times. I know some of you will be experiencing real hardship, for many compounded after the dreadful bushfires we’ve had. For those of us who have a shed there’
Australian Wood Review6 min de lecture
Woven Wood Bench
Four years ago I made a shelf from a woven lattice of wood as I wanted a light and transparent look. It only had to carry a couple of jumpers so after a few trials I realised 3mm maple slats were more than strong enough. Very quickly my one year old
Australian Wood Review4 min de lecture
Finishing Small Objects Part 2
Last issue we looked at techniques of burnishing surfaces and using a mix of shellac, wax and pigments to create finishes with depth. In this article we’ll look at creating charred and painted surfaces and how these can be further treated for differe