‘But I’m a man!’

Nudging my husband Tony, then 64, playfully in the chest, I frowned.

It was January 2011 and we were relaxing on the sofa, watching a game show on the TV.

But as I went to give Tony a bit of a cuddle, I felt a lump.

It was small, just slightly bigger than a pea, on his right side.

‘What’s that?’ I asked him, concerned.

‘Oh, it’s nothing,’ Tony replied.

But I was worried.

‘How long has it been there?’ I asked.

Tony admitted that he’d

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Go Green, Save Cash
Check out sustainable period pant brand WUKA – switching to them prevents an average of 200 disposable period products from going to landfill over two years. The pants cost from £12 per pair and are available at, with limited styles availa
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Naked Greed
Before Magic Mike and The Full Monty came Chippendales, a troupe of muscly, tanned male dancers, oiled up and wearing little more than dickie bows and cuffs. Women would flock to see them, sipping cocktails and erupting with screams of ‘take it off’
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Look Great Today
LETTER of the week! Q I’ve never experienced d andruff in my life, but I’ve started to notice white flakes in my roots and on my clothes. Help! Ina Hughes, 63, Liverpool A You’re not alone - 50% of us s uffer from dandruff.* Part your hair and look a