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Heritage Commercials2 min de lecture
Ct Joins Hc!
The recent loss of Classic Truck from the newsstands means that Heritage Commercials is going to expand its coverage that bit further to include a lot more from those trucks that were part and parcel of the road haulage scene in the 1970s, 1980s, 199
Heritage Commercials1 min de lecture
Routeman III
Blue Circle Cement operated a large number of Routeman III eight wheelers. Seen in ’01, is Dave Pearson’s stunning restoration of one of their old fleet. Bob Tuck ■
Heritage Commercials3 min de lecture
Back To Basics
ERF had for so long developed some fantastic trucks, but it often struggled at the lucrative 16/17 tonne sector. Its M series of the 1970s used the same cab as the B, and later C, series and the E series did likewise – the same cab shared at 17 tonne