Mysterious Ways

Divine Diagnosis

“Colt, I think I’m going to die.”

My wife, Krystyna, struggled to get the words out. I had to lean in to hear her. Her voice was weak. She looked small in the hospital bed, her skin pale and shining with sweat.

“No, honey,” I said. “Don’t say that. You can’t lose hope.”

I couldn’t blame her, though. It had been two weeks since what was supposed to be a routine appendectomy, and she was getting worse, not better. The doctors didn’t have

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Mysterious Ways3 min de lecture
An Unexpected Visitor
RAINSVILLE, ALABAMA I couldn’t even sort through the first box of our dog Bama’s toys without bursting into tears. My husband, Alan, found me sitting on the floor in our utility room, clutching our late boxer’s favorite squeaky. He gently pulled me t
Mysterious Ways1 min de lecture
Secret Spaces
Below the surface of Lake Michigan lies an 11-foot marble crucifix. The cross was crafted in Italy in the 1950s for a Michigan family but arrived damaged. A Lake Michigan diving club then bought it, submerging it to honor the many people who’ve peris
Mysterious Ways2 min de lecture
Right Place, Right Time
Seat 23D. I walked down the airplane aisle, reading the signs above the rows. I was flying from my home in Charlotte to Los Angeles to spend Thanksgiving with my son. I found my seat, stowed my bag in the overhead bin and settled in for the five-hour