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Playback: Lucia LoTempio on Moving Forward After Violence

This is Playback, the self-interview series for authors with books coming out in quarantine. Today, Lucia LoTempio reads from her new book of poetry, Hot With the Bad Thingsand reveals what book she wishes she had written, as well as what her dream career would be if she wasn’t a writer. Please purchase Hot With the Bad Things from LoTempio’s favorite bookstore, White Whale Bookstore, or through Bookshop.

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The Internet Has Split Our Sense of Self. Can the Page Reproduce That?
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On Sick Trees, JD Vance, and the Invasive Species of Appalachia
I am spending the pandemic worrying about trees. Or, specifically, one tree—an Eastern hemlock who lives in our yard. I have named her Harriet; she is forty feet tall, and she is very sick. Every day I talk to Harriet. I talk about current events, ma