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Last summer, we finally started a kitchen garden at home. The kids got a kick out of helping themselves to fresh strawberries and tomatoes and finding new

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Wood Splitter Field Tips
• When using a wood splitter, always wear hearing and eye protection as well as safety boots and work gloves. • Greatly reduce the chance of injury by having the same person place the logs in position and operate the hydraulic lever. • Save labour by
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Ontario Region 3
A winter that’s colder and drier than normal is likely in store for northwestern Ontario. The central and eastern parts of the province look rather stormy, especially during the first half of the season. Overall, for central and eastern Ontario, the
Harrowsmith5 min de lectureFood & Wine
Dear Ms. Torti, My name is Edna Juffermans and I am writing to you in regards to the Yukon Gold story (“No Small Potatoes,” Spring 2020). Mr. York von Sivers needs to hear a few more details about the Yukon Gold story. Yes, it did land Dr. Johnston i