When we think of invasive species, earthworms rarely come to mind. And yet earthworms are foreign invaders that were first introduced to this country by European settlers hundreds of years ago and have been making their home here ever since.

“We’ve always seen earthworms. They’re around the gardens and where we live, so we don’t really connect that they don’t necessarily belong there,” says Sandy Smith, a forestry professor at the University of Toronto. “When Europeans colonized North America, we brought those worms with us because, as every gardener or farmer knows, worms are good for the garden.”

Earthworms long ago earned a sterling reputation as ecosystem engineers that excel at decomposing organic matter and mixing it into the soil. In

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Atlantic Provinces Region 1
The first half of the winter should be milder than normal due to a persistent southerly airflow. Winter may start out dry but then will become stormier during the middle and late part of the season. The snowiest/stormiest period will be late January
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The conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Deforest is long and sprawling. It must be a slow day for illegal wildlife trafficking, or perhaps no one else had ever taken such an interest in his work. He has bright blue eyes, short bangs, and a goatee-mu
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Wood Splitter Field Tips
• When using a wood splitter, always wear hearing and eye protection as well as safety boots and work gloves. • Greatly reduce the chance of injury by having the same person place the logs in position and operate the hydraulic lever. • Save labour by