Summer Nights

The night sky doesn’t change very much, or so we are told. Aristotle (384–322 BC) set the stage for this assumption with his philosophy of the unchanging starry realm. His teachings persisted for almost 2,000 years. After it was adopted by religion, to question it was heresy. Observers of the night sky slowly chipped away at these teachings by witnessing changes in the night sky. Eventually, these observations could no longer be ignored. The night sky does change, although slowly.

To be fair, changes in the universe occur very slowly, spanning millions of human lifetimes. Some stars have lived as long as the human species, and others have been around for billions of years. Closer to home and with greater rapidity, the planets orbit the sun, and the rotation of

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The first half of the winter should be milder than normal due to a persistent southerly airflow. Winter may start out dry but then will become stormier during the middle and late part of the season. The snowiest/stormiest period will be late January
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• When using a wood splitter, always wear hearing and eye protection as well as safety boots and work gloves. • Greatly reduce the chance of injury by having the same person place the logs in position and operate the hydraulic lever. • Save labour by