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Homebuilding & Renovating2 min de lecture
The Knowledge
For anyone buying a project mid-way through, Simon would recommend the homeowner asks the builder/developer for an intricately detailed specification on the proposed finishes. “In this case I gave specification and monetary allowances for sanitaryw
Homebuilding & Renovating3 min de lecture
Pre-build Essentials
Once you have purchased your plot there are a good number of steps you need to take before you can begin building your dream home… You’ll likely need a designer on board to help you formulate plans for your dream home. This might be an architect, an
Homebuilding & Renovating3 min de lecture
“Our Connection To Home”
Jess, the extension is incredible. What inspired you to take on this building project? When we bought the house in 2015 it was really dark inside but had an amazing, well-established garden at the back. We’re originally from New Zealand and I loved