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1 Popular Nevada “fly-in”—2 words

6 Feet, abbr.

9 Be victorious

Transmission ended, expecting response (archaic)

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Plane & Pilot5 min de lecture
Is There A Place For vfr Flight plans
“You want to file a WHAT?” Filing a VFR flight plan is a rare occurrence nowadays, in a time dominated by magenta course lines, radar flight following and briefing apps. When we speak of “filing,” it’s generally to seek an IFR clearance and, in truth
Plane & Pilot5 min de lecture
How To Fly Circle-To-Land Approaches More Safely
A stabilized approach is, without a doubt, more likely to result in a safe landing than one that becomes unstabilized. Most of us know this intuitively. The accident data has proven it over the years, also. This becomes especially true when flying an
Plane & Pilot5 min de lecture
News Of Note
One of aviation’s most celebrated pilots, General Chuck Yeager, passed away on Dec. 8 in Los Angeles at the age of 97. In addition to breaking the sound barrier in 1947, the aviation giant was a World War II fighter ace, a long-time Air Force base co