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1. Your kerbals!

2. Individual g-force meter.

3. Velocity and altitude

– These

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Heavy Reign
City planning has come on a long way since people fussed about with pencils and maps, blueprints and construction workers. Now it’s all done with Tetrisblocks, meaning the constituent parts – land, castle pieces, houses etc – fall from the heavens, p
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Dream Objects
It leaves Alt+F4 imprinted on their forehead. River City Ransom vibes. The clipboard is super, super heavy. Just imagine 47 saying “Hulk smash”. It’s not a toy, dammit! Talk about a hard reset. Stop hitting yourself! When you need a hammer five hou
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Persona Of Interest
You, the player character. Jock, your best bud. Model, eats a ton. Prep, rides a motorcycle. Cat, thinks it’s a human. Artist, honestly the worst. Nerd, flies a UFO. Green thumb, big-ass hammer.