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Alarming stats

In Australia, it’s estimated people spend about $1 billion on up to 500,000 separate cosmetic procedures each year and receive more

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Skin Sos
We have the answers to your most common skins conditions This common condition causes redness and visible blood vessels in the face. It can also cause small red pus-filled bumps and, because of this, is sometimes mistaken for acne – to which it has
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• Stuttering affects 1 per cent of the population and usually starts between the ages of two and four. • It can run in families, but the cause is not yet known. • It can be linked to social anxiety, with some sufferers not stuttering if they speak
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Raise The Flag
✔ Assorted felt ✔ Fabric glue or hot glue gun and glue sticks ✔ Scissors ✔ Wooden dowel ✔ Pen or pencil and paper 1 Plan your design by drawing it on paper first. You can create templates for each part of your design on paper and then trace them on