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I’m writing this at the beginning of May 2020, when New Zealand is still in “lockdown” because of Covid-19, so I’m well aware that by the time you’re reading this, things will be very different to how they are now.

We are in unusual times. That humans seek certainty is well known, especially when relating to financial security. Which is why, in times of uncertainty most will choose to sit on the sidelines and wait to take

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NZ Property Investor3 min de lecture
Face The Facts
New information from MBIE shows there are 120,330 residential landlords in NZ1 . Based on our current population size of approximately five million2 that means only about 2.4% of New Zealanders are property investors. Which I suspect is a lot less th
NZ Property Investor1 min de lecture
Chen’s 7 Tips For Property Investment
1 Have a plan and 2 work backwards. Have a strategy to 3 support the plan. Add value that 4 adds equity. Focus on one area and 5 become an expert. Assemble a 6 professional team. Learn and educate 7 yourself. Be patient but act fast when you find an
NZ Property Investor3 min de lecture
Cracked Foundations?
Given that the majority of the country has been through a fairly dry summer, I thought it would be a good time to revisit a topic I discussed previously (in early 2020), that being house/foundation damage due to expansive soils. New Zealand has an in